Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Tree!

This year we got a new tree. I normally have a White Christmas tree but this year I decided to get a traditional tree. I guess it is not as traditional as most because I went with the Slim tree. It is funny I brought this guy home and put it up and Daddio wants to know why we have a Charlie Brown Tree this year. Ha Ha! Well we spent afternoon putting up decorations and later that evening we decorated the tree.

2009 11 29_6695_edited-1

The Princess Enjoyed every minute!

2009 11 29_6696_edited-1

A-man looks like his mom is making him take part of the tree decorating! (and yes I did MAKE him!

2009 11 29_6697_edited-1

Then before you knew it they all were having fun! Like they had a choice?

2009 11 29_6700_edited-1

Love this picture of the Princess... Gosh, I love her!

2009 11 29_6702_edited-1

And I love My Boys too!!

2009 11 29_6704_edited-1

2009 11 29_6706_edited-1

She knew exactly where she wanted to to put each ornament

2009 11 29_6712_edited-1

And I even left them even though it was killing me they were all on one branch.
Okay Okay, when no one was looking I fixed it.

2009 11 29_6722_edited-1

Daddio helping up little Princess to put on the STAR!

2009 11 29_6728_edited-1

Some of my favorite!

2009 11 29_6729_edited-1

2009 11 29_6730_edited-1

This is one my Sister gave me (all four of us sisters)!
Family That is what makes Christmas so special...


Kristi said...

I'll admit to a little "re-decorating" after my kiddos went to bed...

Our Journey said...

Decorating the tree is so much more fun w/ kids (even if you do have to move the ornaments around...we did too!)