Monday, December 7, 2009

A Fun Getaway!

We packed our bags and headed to the Lodge! My sister and her crew were headed out of town for a little fun getaway and invited us to tag along. The kids were in "fun heaven!" Not only was this place a HUGE indoor water park but it had activities that would have keep the kids busy for days! But... I think the best part of all was having their cousins to share it all with. What a wonderful weekend with a little surprise:) Thanks N. Here are a few pictures (sorry for the lack of water park pics but it was just to wet and humid in there)

2009 12 06_6865_edited-1

The lobby of the hotel!

2009 12 06_6852_edited-1

The Gang!

2009 12 06_6849_edited-1

A visit with Santa!

2009 12 06_6864_edited-1

In the evening they had a "story time" in the lobby with songs by some puppets and trees. Here are the kids as the show is beginning!

2009 12 06_6867_edited-1

The Show! and yes that is a creepy puppet in the log. What the heck were they thinking with that? It gets worse it he starts to move and is eyes start rolling around all while singing "There is Nothing to Scared For Around Here" Yeah Right!!! Check It Out

As you can see in the video Mae did not know exactly what to think about him at all...

2009 12 06_6868_edited-1

I guess it was like one of those Train Wreck things, it was bad but you could not look away? So what do you do next?

2009 12 06_6873_edited-1

Make it snow so it will get their minds off of the creepy scary guy in the log!

2009 12 06_6876_edited-1

But Not Mae!

A great little adventure despite the kids having nightmares for 2 nights!

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