Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 Part II

2009 12 24_8094_edited-1

When we arrived home from Granny's house the kids put on their new Pajamas and gathered in by the tree for their gifts from Mom and Dad. Every year we get them an ornament that will relate to them or the year we have had. This year we did a "lodge" them as we all went to The Great Wolfe Lodge earlier in December. It was a trip that the kids will remember for quite awhile. We also have a visitor who comes by our house almost every Christmas Eve, SANTA! So while we were headed out to put out the reindeer food we saw the red suited man in our front yard. The Princess didn't quite know what to think at first but he truly had her wheels turning.

2009 12 24_8083_edited-1

Headed out the door when the Man in The Suit Caught her eye! PRICELESS!

Here is a quick little video from "the visit" OH and please excuse the Yappy Dog I guess he got a little excited to see Santa too!!

2009 12 24_8066_edited-1

Daddio opening his gifts.

2009 12 24_8081_edited-1

Arden with her new ornament and her new Dora Christmas Pajamas.

Then they all settled down and waited till we chased them all to bed.

2009 12 24_8087_edited-1

Ben doing his Facebook thing!

2009 12 24_8096_edited-1

Arden checking to see if Santa got off okay.
We counted our blessings as we finally laid our heads down that night and remembered why we celebrate this Awesome Holiday! Thank you Father for the very best gift of all, Your Son!

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Kristi said...

Arden was so cute as she watched Santa. I'm guessing that the Dora scooter request was made a bit late?