Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 Part I

Christmas Eve was so very special this year. After spending the day finishing up some last minute baking and wrapping gifts we head over Granny (daddio's mom)to celebrate. She had a wonderful display of food everything from meatballs, ham with biscuits, Mexican dip, nuts and cannot forget the Chocolate. yummy!! When our tummy's were beyond full we sat down and caught up and laughed about old times. I feel so blessed to have family surrounding me. The kids were just waiting for "gift" time and it finally came. Granny started passing out gifts and the Princess help me pass out ours. What a special night to remember.

2009 12 24_8006_edited-1

Rog with his Great Grandmother! Boy she is hoot...

2009 12 24_8034_edited-1

The Princess Checking out everyones gifts

2009 12 24_8028_edited-1

My Daddio! So handsome:)

2009 12 24_8007_edited-1

Money and Chocolate!! Can't get much better than that, right?

2009 12 24_8004_edited-1

A-man giving Nana some love for his gift!

2009 12 24_8055_edited-1

The Princess with her new Pajamas on! When she pulled them out of the bag she yelled "These are just sooooooo cute!!"

Stay tuned for part two!!

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Kristi said...

Family, food, and the magic of celebrating the birth of Jesus. It just doesn't get any better...