Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

2009 10 31_halloween 2009_3276_edited-1

Saturday we had a pre-trick or treating party and had a house full! We had pizza, chex mix and some sugar cookies with sprinkles. But the star of the show was my homemade Kettle Corn! YUMMO! I found the recipe for it HERE. I was a little skeptical but I tried it and boy I am glad I did! It tasted just like it does at any fair! I am so hooked! Maybe it has something to do with my addiction to the stuff but no more will I be spending $4 on a small bag of popcorn. Not Me! I can make my own Thank You!! Go and try it! It was so easy and you will not be disappointed but you will be hooked! Anyway popcorn is suppose to be good for you, Right?

sry bd

We had 2 Tinker Bells, 2 ninjas, one lady bug, one chick magnet and 4 too cool to dress up tweens. I know Ben looks as if he is sticking up a not so nice finger but he is showing his ninja daggers.

2009 10 31_halloween 2009_3321_edited-1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend and Got their Sugar tooth taken Care of! Now go and Make some Kettle Corn!


DayDreamer said...

The dishes look so Yummy!!

Am hungry!!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Oh, the candy! I told the kids to keep them away from me. LOL Love kettle corn! Have you tried it with white chocolate? Yummy!!!

Denise said...

Ally, I saw that recipe earlier and wondered if it would be good. I will have to try it some time when there is more than just Em and I in the house to eat it.

Kristi said...

Wonderful looking group of Trick-or-Treaters!
And I'm thinking Kettle corn may be in my immediate future...