Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Princess and Her New Obession!

My little princess has a new obsession! Monday I had a photo session and she got to spend some Daddy time while I was gone. Daddio was cleaning out his "man cave" and found some boxes that we packed away while we were de-cluttering for our house to go on the market. Well since the market really STINKS right now we have decided yet again to take it off the market and sit tight and wait. Okay, I have gotten off track now back to the story... So digging through some boxes Daddio discovered a Nintendo DS. The princess spotted it and wanted to play. After a few moments she knew how to turn it on picto chat and play Nintendo Dogs and she was HOOKED! This is what I came home to:


Can you tell Daddio had her she is playing in her Brand New Dress and shoes...urgh...

arden 2

arden 1

It was really not that dark out. I taking the opportunity to try out some OCF and as you can see I need some more practice:)

arden 4

arden 3

Doesn't even take the time to stop and wipe that runny nose. YUK...

arden 6

But she did take a moment to look up at me and give me this "priceless" smile..

arden 5

Oh Boy! I love this little Snotty Nose Little Princess!


mumma to many said...

Oh had to laugh about the nose! All I have heard since being on the computer is sniff sniff and then SNIFFF!!!
I so wish they would wipe or blow their noses! LOL!
Hugs Ruth in NZ
And yes they are all still beautiful with all their snot!

Kristi said...

I've got two that can't be bothered to stop and wipe noses either...
Oh, and sorry about the house. We had the same experience when ours in Charlotte was in the market. At least it was a good exercise in decluttering!