Sunday, November 29, 2009

Helping Hands

This weekend my boys decided to help out their grandfather by giving a hand in getting up the leaves in his yard. He has a ton of trees so the job is HUGE!

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Daddio was the foreman.

web 6

The boys best buddy decided to join us. Though he was not aware we were going to get up leaves until we were pulling in the driveway. He felt a little tricked about that! LOL

web 7

Rog and another one of "his goofy poses"

web 9

The Crew!

web 14

My dad who was very grateful he did not have to do it alone.

web 16

We hung out inside while the girls were searching the ads to see what they wanted for Christmas.

web 18

web 19

She know exactly what she wants too!

web 21

Then spent some time with time with Sweet Cabell

web 22

I am so thankful my boys know the importance of helping family. It wasn't the funniest way to spend the day but it was very rewarding.

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Our Journey said...

You have such sweet boys (and friends). I see that familiar cute little china-girl shirt on some cutie pie!! I didn't think of putting it w/ a long-sleve shirt so she could wear it in the winter...good idea!!