Monday, November 9, 2009

Before the Sun Comes Up!

Early Saturday Morning way before the sun was up My Ben had to be at the school. He was dressed in his spanking new ACU. He has been working for the last 3 months running, push ups, running, sit ups, running, first aid, running, orienteering and well running! Ben is in the JROTC Raiders Team. This is a team that is strictly a team to compete in Physical Training competitions for the program and he loves it! So Saturday was the first competition at the State Park nearby. There were teams from all VA and even a few from NC and Maryland. They started off the cold morning (32degrees) with opening ceremony.

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Then got ready for the beginning of the PT training.
push ups, sit ups and 1 mile run

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My Ben cheering on his fellow Raider during push ups

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Now it is his turn

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Team Getting ready to head out for orienteering (which they got 1st place in)
Everyone gathering their gear map, compass and yes making sure he has his cell phone and not for emergencies but so he doesn't loose touch with girlfriend)

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My Ben is Guide Arm for his team. He HAS to carry this flag everywhere included the 5 mile run they took. He is one tough cookie!

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Some of the team taking a break before the 5 mile run.

web 14

They did not take first place but it was still a very "proud mama" day!


Cindy M said...

Pretty cool! Jon was in JROTC, and we met in college when we were both in ROTC. We used to compete in ROTC Days with similar competitions.

Jennifer Bowen said...

You just made it to the top of my favorite blog list because of this post! =) Proud military wife here!!! =)