Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Roofer, who's Roof Leaks!

Have you ever heard of the roofer whose own roof sprung a leak? Or the dentist who's wife needed a root canal? Well I am the photographer who CANNOT for the life of my get a picture of my own Kids! urgh... I know every other parent out there photographer or not knows what I am saying. What is it about your kids taking you seriously with a camera in your hand? Oh Heck! I gave I up this time!

It all started when a friend of mine emailed me and wanted my favorite picture of the 4 of my kids together. Well I said sure! Simple Right! No, not so simple! I looked and had 3 to choose from 1 was a year ago and the other 2 was from the beach 4 months ago. So this weekend I tried to get a good family photo of the kids for our Christmas Card. Needless to say I still do not have a photo that I like.

web 23

This is how it started out!

web 6

Then I got this! Yep, all of them are there. Look close Arden is behind Ben.

web 14

Then this! Yes, my son is eating the leaves!

web 15

Then Rog decided to try some and Arden had her own idea about what she wanted for the family pictures.

web 16

Okay not so Bad.

web 12

Then we tried this and obviously I am boring the princess a little.

web 11

Then I got this which is so blown out and the white on white sweaters are not working! But before I could change the settings on my camera this happened....

web 9

web 10

web 13

Then the princess had enough and she reached for her hat and got the heck out of Dodge!

web 17

And off they went to big and better things!

web 5

web 4

web 3

Swinging! Much better than taking Photos!


Kristi said...

As a big fan of "keeping it real," I totally love the ones where one of Arden's big brothers has her in a head lock and the boys are smashing their faces together and looking crazy...
The swing shots of her totally make up for the lack of a Christmas card shot though!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Tell me about it! Photographers and their children... truly not a perfect pair. LOL Mine do cooperate, to a point. Individually, they're great, but throw them both together and I get what you have here. Never fails. =)

I do like the second to last photo of your daughter on the swing. Great shot!

mumma to many said...

I love them all however I do know about the myth of trying to get perfection! Which is what we all want! Maybe your children would behave better for someone else!
I had a giggle I love them all Really!
HUgs Ruth in NZ

Cindy M said...

ME, TOO! I love the headlock one! THAT should be your Christmas card photos! HILARIOUS! REAL! LOVE IT!

And did you see my profile picture? Same deal. Told my kids they could get their Christmas card torture out of the way if they gave me one good shot. Yeah. And I may just use it.

And I am totally going to email you soon! Sorry I've been out of touch...your football season is my band season...I love it, but it's sucking the life out of me..and you do a MUCH better job of coping than I do!