Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not just a Princess Any More!

After this weekend I feel that a new blog name should be in the works.
2 Boys and a King and Princess!
This weekend the boys had their home coming weekend for little league football. My Rog was crowned Homecoming KING!!! It was just adorable... (I can say that, I am his mama!) Not only did he win but his cute new friend, who just happens to be a girl (wink, wink) also won Homecoming Queen. Where is time going... they are just growing up to stinking fast!!!! Only if they were 4 again and their only care was when the latest Power Ranger came out. sniff sniff.... I sure makes me want to cherish every moment they are here.

web 6

web 2

Rog and his "friend"

web 5

Waiting the "homecoming court to be announced

web 1

Had to post this one for fun! My A-man just before his game!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Such a handsome boy you have, Ally! Congratulations to your son and his "friend" on being crowned King and Queen. What a cute couple! =)

Our Journey said...

How sweet!! He's quite a handsom king! And his "friend" is a cutie!

Kristi said...

Very cute "friends" that were crowned...
But I have to say I love the game face!