Monday, October 26, 2009

Loving the Fall

We started off our weekend with a visit to my sisters. Friday her new little Addy Cate had a doctor appointment so the princess and I packed up and went for a visit with Sweet little Cabell. While I was there I took full advantage of the beautiful natural backdrop of the trees. The trees here are just perfect! The leaves are bright yellow, red and orange. So I took the girls out and we played for hours enjoying the beautiful weather. Gosh, I love the fall! The weather is perfect and the scene is even better. During this time of year it makes it very hard to just stay in doors.

stry board

web 2

web 10

Just look at Sweet Cabell with her hands on her hips!

web 11

cabel now then

I thought this was neat, the things you notice as a photographer. When she was standing there doing this I remembered her doing the same thing when I did her year old photo session. Too Cute!

web 1

More to come! I had a few photo sessions this weekend if you would like to take a peek head on over to my photography blog HERE


Kristi said...

Those are some beautiful pictures of Arden and her cousin!

mumma to many said...

Great photos what sort of Camera do you use? I am just looking at buying a new one!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

DayDreamer said...

You have got a beautiful blog..with some great pictures and great posts..

Keep up the good work!!

Do check out mine(Its not as good as yours though)..

Will keep visiting your blog..(Already following your wonderful blog)..


Jennifer Bowen said...

That last photo is just gorgeous, Ally!

Camille said...

hello. Your pictures are just so amazing! and you really got a wonderful family.

i added you up in my blog list. please add more pictures :)