Friday, October 9, 2009

Lordy Lordy Look Who is 40!!!!

_DSC0111 copy
Mimi this summer with her daughter Allie

Today is my Big Sister's Birthday. She is 40 years young. I know, I know she doesn't look a day over 27 and I hear it all the time! When we are out together everyone thinks I am the oldest of my sisters. sniff sniff....
I happen to think she is the BEST BIG Sister in the World!! (whether she makes me look old or not) I am so thankful for our friendship every single day. Here are a few of her best quailities!

1. She is so good at making babies (she just had number 6)
2. She is the Best MOM!! (I only hope to be like her one day)
3. She Rocks as my sister.
4. She is so very organized as she can jam pack 50 items on her to do list all in one day with time to spare. (doing it all with not an ounce of stress, I only dream of this!)
5. She is beautiful from the inside out
6. She is soooooooo laid back and takes life as it goes (so jealous of this one)
7. She is an awesome Cook!
8. She is good at making a grand intrance at least 20 minutes late.
9. She would make a great bus driver (always taking one of 6 children somewhere)
10. She has some of the best friends in world and is very LOVED!!!

I love you Mimi!! Happy Birthday!!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Happy Birthday, Mimi! That's a beautiful photo of your sister and her daughter, Ally. Your big sis seems like a wonderful person. I wish I had siblings... I don't like being an only child. I always think I'm missing out because I never had that kind of relationship with a brother or sister.

I hope you all have a great celebration. I'm sure it'll be a blast! =)

Kristi said...

I hope that my little sister has such nice things to say about me when I hit the big 40...
And I'll have to admit to being a bit jealous of her ability to pull off number four on your list!

mgfoster said...

I just happen to think that I have one of the best "younger" sisters around!! Being the oldest of 4 girls..... we (all the sisters) always say that we don't know what we would do w/ out her (allyson)!! We are soooo blessed to all have each other & I thank God for my wonderful family everyday!! Thanks for the sweet & funny birthday wishes!! Love you!!