Thursday, October 29, 2009


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This past weekend was my oldest Ben's Homecoming! He and his date looked so adorable. They all met at our home so we could get some photo's of them before they went out for dinner. Well it starting raining about 15 minutes before they arrived. DARN!!! I love natural light and this was totally messing up my plans for photos. Well earlier in the week I had purchased a speed light (flash) because I want to learn how to do some ocf (off camera flash) to use as fill light when I need it. Even though I was not ready for a test run I stuck the darn thing on my camera and HAD to use it. I snapped a few and it worked out pretty good but within 5 minutes the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking out. So I was back in business with my comfort zone good old natural light! Then it was time for them to go to dinner. They went to a place that right on the reservoir so her mom suggested that we follow them over and I could get a few there by the water. What a great idea and Ben was thrilled too. ha ha Well on our way over the clouds began to roll back in and it started to pour. We decided to wait in our cars to see if it would pass over and it did! By the time we finally got out and walked to the water the sun made a glamorous appearance, a sunset to dye for! Boy, was all our efforts worth it. I even got to try out some ocf that I had just been learning (i got the ebook from rock that ocf). I love how they turned out! oh and by the way my son was pretty happy with his picture too.

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My Gentleman Son waiting to get her in safe and dry!

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My handsome boy!

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She looked so beautiful! My sister did her hair and it was just stunning.

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This was the first shot (unplanned) I walked up and took this shot. LOVE It!! and her boots which she only wore for the pictures not to dinner.

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The rest are all taken with my speed light.

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Love this one too!
He had a wonderful evening!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Wonderful photos! Cute couple!!

Kristi said...

They are precious together and I love the boots picture!

Sally's World said...

what a gorgeous couple, the boots didn't take away form the magic of the picture xxx

Jennifer Bowen said...

Great shots, Ally! And what a gentleman your son is! So sweet. =)