Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Week!

This week has just flown by!!! My little Princess started preschool this week and that should of given me more time right? Wrong! We have had 3 showings all within 2 days and a total of 5 last weekend. My poor kids hate to hear my phone ring! They know if it is a showing mom goes into "freak out" clean mode and they better look out. They scatter as fast as they can. Hee Hee... The little princess's new song favorite song to sing is "three little birds" by Bob Marley. Nick jr has taken that song and is animated. I am not a big fan of Bob Marley but Oh Boy, hearing my little princess sing it in the middle of a "crazy day" sure makes everything ALRIGHT!!! Every little thing is gonna be alright!!

2009 06 12_4120_edited-1

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Jennifer Bowen said...

Congrats to your little one on starting preschool! She must be so excited. And she already has great taste in music. Bob Marley is an awesome artist. I'm a big reggae fan. I think it started when I watched the movie Cool Runnings. =)