Friday, October 30, 2009

Candles and Costumes!

Wednesday night we had a special celebration for Rog for his 13th birthday. I fixed him grilled chicken (drumsticks his favorite), home made mac n cheese, green beans and white house rolls. Then we finished things up with another favorite of his Ukrops Birthday Pound cake with a side of mouse track ice cream. Boy did we use our weeks worth of calories in one meal. We all went to bed feeling stuffed and satisfied!

2009 10 28_roger bday parade_3264_edited-1

2009 10 28_roger bday parade_3268_edited-1

web 3

That is not a tattoo, it's worse some girl wrote all over his arm.

web 4

Then Thursday the princess had a costume parade at school! Both Mae and Arden went as Tinker bell!

2009 10 29_roger bday parade_3198_edited-1

She was frantically looking for her Mama!

2009 10 29_roger bday parade_3206_edited-1

Yep she found me!

2009 10 29_roger bday parade_3204_edited-1

Then the world was good again!

2009 10 29_roger bday parade_3193_edited-1

This was Tinker Bell number 2 aka: Mae

They had a fun day celebrating and by time I picked them up from school the sugar was just setting in and it allowed them to tear my house apart in 10 seconds flat! Awhhh the joys of a "sugar high"

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Our Journey said...

Tell him Happy Birthday from the Hartzler's! And your tinkerbells are TOO cute!!