Wednesday, October 28, 2009

13 Years Ago!

roger 4

2009 10 25_2411 copy

Happy Birthday Rog! It is hard to believe that 13 years ago I was holding my little sweet newborn and now he is turning 13. sniff sniff... Let me just tell you a little bit about this sweet boy of mine. He is truly grown into the finest young man and makes me smile the biggest smile. Here are a few of Roggie's little things that make him Roggie!

1. He loves Jesus!

2. HE is Wild!! The kid is beyond Hyper!!

3. Loves Coffee (yeah doesn't work to well with #2)

4. Once when he was 4 years old ask the vet while he was giving our dog a shot "Hey! Do you love Jesus?"

5. Has wanted to be a Navy Seal since he was 5 years old and still does.

6. LOVES LOVES LOVES football!

7. Can be a little "smart mouth" urgh...

8. Says the most random stuff ever!

9. The Princess and him have a special relationship. I just love watching them hang out.

10. Just last week this sweet older lady called him an Angel! She was pushing her elderly husband in a wheel chair and was fighting with the door. Roger stepped in and held it for her she looked at him and said "Angels still do exist, I know there is one right there" This was truly a proud mama moment.

11. Loves to make videos of the Nerdiest stuff... (along with his crazy cuz)

12. Got his first kiss a week ago and is proud of it. (what the heck? kissing! he is not suppose to be doing that)

13. Got 5 mins and 50 seconds on his mile this year! The fastest time in the 7th grade.

14. He can text 6 people at one time and do it faster than you could blink! no kidding! He has even burned up the electronics in his NEW cell phone 3 times and finally they had to give him a upgrade to handle the volume.

15. He can make the grayest skies Blue!

I love you Rog! Happy Birthday and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for your life!
This is a video that my Rog made about 4 years ago! I just had to post it!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Happy, happy birthday! I love that first photo, Ally. Great angle... love shots of kids looking up at the camera. I always use a ladder for those when using my 85mm. Which lens did you use for this one?

A Navy Seal? Way to go!!! =)

Cindy M said...

Okay, I've never met your older kids, but I seriously love them! This handsome one at nine reminds me SO much of my son! Mick just turned 11...tell me, PLEASE, that the Y chromosome matures a little at some point. I love him to pieces, but the boy wears. me. out. And he makes me laugh a lot like this video did! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday to him!