Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Visit From Old Friends!

This weekend we had a wonderful reunion with some friends that we lost touch with for awhile. It was a close friend of my mothers who she considered one of her very BFF! They hung out together, made hair bows together (see it is in my blood), coached cheering together and we even shared family vacations together. Her family and our family well they were FAMILY! After she moved away they lost contact and over the years my mom was always eager to find her and reconnect. After many attempts we were able to find her and here less than a year later she came down to visit. It was a wonderful day sharing old memories and talking about new ones. Watching my mom with here lost friend was such a blessing!

The Food!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9799_edited-1

Yummo Pasta salad! I am not normally a pasta salad kinda girl but this was so good! Maybe because it has pepperoni, mayo, peppers and tomatoes!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9800_edited-1

Okay and this, oh my it was just so stinking good. It was Cornbread Corn Casserole. You notice I said Was!!! My kids just devoured it.

2009 09 13_mimi house_9808_edited-1

Daddio was up all night smoking his famous Barbecue!!! No words...

2009 09 13_mimi house_9802_edited-1

and you cannot have Barbecue without Coleslaw, not just any Coleslaw Homemade Cole Slaw!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9809_edited-1

and you can't have barbecue and coleslaw without Baked Beans and these were not your typical baked beans. No sir, these were made with sausage, peppers and onions. Sweet like Suga!

web 20

Well Cabell certainly approved of the dessert. We caught her at the table helping herself with a knife. yikes... when we took that away she quickly found a spoon and continued eating.

web 10


2009 09 13_mimi house_9822_edited-1

These two were so much alike.

web 11

these 2 also! Daddio and Greg (my brother in-law)

web 12

Mom and Son

web 16

And another mom and son! (my sister and her oldest)

web 17

The Gang! What is scary the poor little doll in the picture was just 5 minutes shy of having blow darts from a blow gun shot at her. BoyZ!!

web 2

My Ben and his "friend" who happens to be a girl, who he happens to spend every waking moment texting.

web 19

Boys playing!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9811_edited-1

And my Sweet Baby Boy! Okay just having a "mom moment"!
Such a fun day!


Kristi said...

Will you please stop with the food pictures already? Now I'm really hungry!
All kidding aside, I'm glad your mom found her old friend. There's nothing like remembering the "good old days," which is just what my college roomie and I did for an hour last night over the phone!

mumma to many said...

Great photos!
Glad you manage to reconnect with your Moms friend!
And the girl that gets all the texts looks lovely!
HUgs Ruth in NZ