Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tie Dyes and Candles

This weekend was my nieces 13th Birthday and we celebrated family style! She wanted to make tie dyes and have Roast for her birthday and she got just that! She is a girl who knows what she wants. Here is some pics from the days festivities.

2009 08 30_allie bday_8778_edited-1
Everyone jumped in and made a shirt or two, three or four....

2009 08 30_allie bday_8764_edited-1 Brandon was showing us all how to fold and get it just right.

2009 08 30_allie bday_8766_edited-1

This shirt was the table tee. He kept it on the table and anything that needed cleaned up he wiped it with this. Looks pretty Cool!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8782_edited-1

Carson making his tie dye!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8772 copy
Coo Coo on the other hand did not want to get her hands stained so she made Allie make hers! Fun Sucker!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8789_edited-1

Mimi is almost there! Daddio is just checking to make sure he is over due! lol

2009 08 30_allie bday_8797_edited-1

I just love photographing Mae eyes!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8801_edited-1

What a cutie! I decided to cut the princess hair and I love how it turned out. Thanks Coo Coo!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8814_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8844_edited-1
The big boys played a little soccer while waiting to eat!

2009 08 30_allie bday_8854_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8869_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8871_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8883_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8891_edited-1

2009 08 30_allie bday_8896_edited-1


Fun Day! Happy Birthday Allie!


Kristi said...

There's something special about a 13 year old who wants to celebrate her birthday "low key" with family!

Sally's World said...

brilliant photos, all so much fun, happy birthday xxx