Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Princess-isms!

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I don't think I have shared with you just how much I love this age (3)! Well I love it more than Chocolate!!!! My little princess just comes up with new things everyday and they either make my heart melt or I laugh until tears roll down my face. I know, I know you are thinking I have my mommy goggles on and you are absolutely correct!! But, if you heard what we hear come out of the little cuties mouth you would feel the same way. (even with no glasses on)

Arden isms!

1. "Why are you so rough at me?" when she hears a loud tone of discipline.
2. "Where are My Boys!" when I pick her up from Sunday School and the boys are talking with their friends instead of picking her up.
3. "I wish I could get in that bubble Momma!" we were blowing bubbles and her wheels were obviously turning.
4. " I wish I knew all the words to that song Momma!" She loves loves loves to sing!
5. " But my bed is so Boring!" when she is told to get in her own bed instead of crawling into ours.
6. " OH Bomber!" I think she means Oh bummer.
7. "Son of a Nutcracker" when things get messed up, thank you Elf for that one.
8. "What shoes are YOU wearing?" she loves to wear EXACTLY what I am wearing whether it be shoes, carrying a purse and hanging it on the hook in the laundry room and even make-up.
9. "Daddy do you have Moneys?" when David comes in from work EVERY TIME because she once ask why he had to go to work and he responded with "to make money" so now she takes his money every time he comes home and fills it in the change jar.
10. "You are a Good Mommy!" This is my MOST FAVORITE!!!!

Oh how I love this little Princess!! I feel blessed everyday to be her mom!

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Angela said...

My daughter just turned 3 and you got me thinking about all the little cute things she says all the time. This sure is a great age!

Kristi said...

Cool bubble pictures!
I relate to the money one, Ky asks almost every day if Ian has made enough money to bring Darcy home yet. Guess we need to emphasize that it pays for food, clothes, and our house too...

Jennifer Bowen said...

Your daughter is just precious. Love that second photo. Great perspective! =)

mumma to many said...

Oh My how cute children can be!
I love the photos especially the one of your daughter with the Bubble blower reflected in her eyes!
Hugs Ruth In NZ

Jenny Wheelis said...

I love these! Our princesses are precious!

Sean and Mic said...

Adorable blog! I saw your blog listing on the FengCheng site, and had to check out your princess. She is too cute! Love your photography, too.