Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Princess is Born!

The last few days I have been knee deep in BABY! It has been a whirlwind. My sister started having contractions at her son's birthday party Sunday night but she kept on going. By Monday morning they had gotten a little stronger and 15 minutes a part so she decided to call the doctor. (good thing) At 10:00am she called us to let us know that after she had drove herself to the doctor they were wheeling her in the delivery room as she was in labor. Of course none of us were prepared for this but little Addy didn't care a bit, she was ready! By 12:30 little Addy Cate entered the world at 7 pds and 10 oz. Girl oh Girl, my niece is the cutest little princess on the block.

web 8
When we arrived we got our first peek through the nursery window.

web 10

web 11
With 3 toddlers and a handful of adults the waiting area was "Rocking"

web 13

Big Sis #1

web 18

Big Sis #2

web 17

Big Brother (aka the Gremlin)

Pawpaw decided to go and get the kiddos a treat while they were waiting. Red Icy, NOT the BEST CHOICE! (what was he thinking?)

web 21

web 20

web 25


web 34

web 26

web 29

Big Brother

web 3

Big Sis (love this shot!)

More Sweetness!
web 11

web 12

web 33

Everyone loving on the Princess!

web 27

web 28

web 30

One Proud Mama!

There is something about a new life that makes you stop and see "life" in a new perspective. Life is Gift! I am so blessed to have a wonderful family to share my life with.


Kristi said...

What wonderful photos! I'm sure that your sister (and Addy) will treasure these!

Our Journey said...

Beautiful pictures! Your sister looks GREAT and Addy is a doll.

Donna said...

Awwww.... Congratulations to the whole family. Your photos are just beautiful!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Congrats to your sister and her family! What a beautiful baby girl! =)

Life with Kaishon said...

I LOVE your pictures. She is amazingly beautiful! Her cheeks are delightfully chubby! Oh my gosh! And how great does your sister look for just having a baby? She looks perfect! What a fun family!