Monday, September 14, 2009

My Bunco Peeps

When the 2nd Friday in the month rolls around I sometimes complain "Awh... it's bunco night and I wish I could just stay home instead of going." But then I quickly come to my senses and remember a night out with the girls is probably just what I need. Within the first 10 minutes I am there I am so thankful that I did not listen to that little voice and wouldn't trade my bunco night for any amount of chocolate. We eat, then laugh, play bunco, laugh some more, then eat and finish it up with laughing again. I am so blessed to have this bunch of friends!

2009 09 11_9639_edited-1
This is my aunt and she IS the Queen of Bunco! and she doesn't mess around...

2009 09 11_9616_edited-1

2009 09 11_9615_edited-1

2009 09 11_9614_edited-1

2009 09 11_9624_edited-1

My sister wrote this about me because I was taking pictures for my blog. Huh... I may be a nerd but the kids don't call her Coo Coo for nothing.

2009 09 11_9625_edited-1

Things are nearing the end hear and you can see they have their "Game Faces" on!

2009 09 11_9633_edited-1
Daddio, the princess and the boys went to a local high school football game but made it just in time for the princess to see "what this bunco thing" really is.

2009 09 11_9635_edited-1

2009 09 11_9636_edited-1

2009 09 11_9588_edited-1

And just because she looked so cute before leaving for the game!

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Kristi said...

Looks like a fun night!