Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time, Of the YEAR!!!

Have you ever seen that Office Max commercial that the parent it singing that song rolling the cart through the store buying school supplies? I just love it! Today was the day that the kids put on their new clothes, shoes, book bags and headed out for school. My kids were very excited to get back into their schedules and reunite with friends. I have one entering High School this year and one starting Middle School... urgh... Could I really be that old?? Well I guess in the mornings I feel that old sometimes. Speaking of mornings, my morning started at 5:00am this morning as Ben had to catch the bus at 6:45! YIKES!! and did I mention Ben is NOT a morning person. I guess he will learn to be real quick. Rog and A-man rolled out of bed shortly after Ben had left and had breakfast. The rest of their spare time was used pacing the floors talking about everything from nerves to pooping in their pants! (never a dull moment! they didn't really poop in their pants, just saying they were so nervous they could of) Well here are a few pictures from this morning "at the house" I was forbidden to go to the bus stop!


Poor Little Daisy (our dog) she was pretty ticked off all the noise and activity woke her up! She is not a morning dog either!


Looking forward to this afternoon to hear all of their stories of their first day but not looking forward to the mountian of paperwork I will have to fill out tonight...

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Kristi said...

Today was my kiddos first day in preschool too. It was hard to leave them off, but the both were so excited to go...