Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Football Game!

This past weekend the boys had their first football game. Although, it was hot and we were sitting in the middle of a non-shaded field, I can't complain much because at least it wasn't humid! The boys played hard and it paid off in the end and we walked home with 2 wins! Yahooo!!!! My boyz are pretty beast on defense and even the coaches call one of my boys "animal." They just love getting in there hitting people and knocking them down. I know, I know that is what the game is about but a mom can be a tad concerned too, right? I also know they look forward to this time of year so they CAN be aggressive and get away with it! I guess I should just shut my mouth and be glad it is happening on the football field (like it should) than somewhere else (like my house). In the mist of all this Mae and the Princess were playing hard too! As you will see even a little "drama" brewed up (as usual). But as always within minutes they were back to BFF again.

2009 09 12_firstfootball game_9661_edited-1

Warming up before the game!

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Ben is to old for association football this year so he was draftedt to MC and landed him a full time job he did so good! Go Ben!

2009 09 12_firstfootball game_9680_edited-1

Aman playing Hard!!

web 5

Real Hard!

2009 09 12_firstfootball game_9700_edited-1
I think it is so cute when they are in their little huddle and getting a "pep talk"

2009 09 12_firstfootball game_9702_edited-1

The girls found a friend and even manage to con a cheer coach to give them their extra suckers!

web 10

Run Roger Run!

web 11

I wanted to run out on the field and threaten anyone who tried to knock him down! but I chose to cheer him on instead!!!

web 12

Yeah that was him on the bottom of that pile of players.

web 13

My nephew Mason saved the game as the other team was about to score and threw a pass and he intercepted! YAHOOO!!!!! Go Mason, Go Mason!!

web 14
Aman help MC Ben by scouting out the numbers in the play while Ben annouced who did what.
Team Work!!!

web 16

Ben was eating it up!

2009 09 12_firstfootball game_9750_edited-1

Sweet Little Princess! Right?

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web 21

web 22

web 23

werb 24

It was funny Mae wanted the doll she is holding in this picture and Arden had it and she was seriously taunting her with it. Boy Mae was pretty mad!

web 25

But as always Arden learns that Mae is The BOSS!!! and she gives over what she wants and finds something else and noboby gets hurt! LOL Friendship is fun like that!


Kristi said...

Ah, welcome fall! I love football games as the weather begins to change and we will probably spend some Saturday afternoons watching my friend's sons play. Glad that your boys had fun, stayed healthy, and won their games ~ and that you have one with a new potential career in radio announcing...
Thanks for keeping it real with the pictures of the girls. I see that EVERY time my kids get together with their friend Lottie!

Angela said...

I can't wait to get my boys into football. Love the pics of the girls and your captions made me giggle.