Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bunco At My House!

This Month was Bunco night at my house! The group I play with is a group of 12. We alternate houses every month to host the bunco night. Well this weekend it was my turn. It is always a big deal trying to figure out what to serve. After long thought I came up with Baked Spaghetti which later I changed it to quiche, chicken wings and salads. That is just so like me ALWAYS changing my mind on a whim. It is probably one of my worst characteristics and it drives my family and friends NUTZ!!!! and it would drive me crazy too if I were them. Well here is what my menu looked like!


Who doesn't love those Mini Little Quiches!

2009 09 11_9596_edited-1

This Tomato, Monza and basil salad looks just as good as it taste!

2009 09 11_9608_edited-1

Chicken wings and Toquetos! Yummo!!! (hope that is how you spell it??)

2009 09 11_9603_edited-1
Garden Salad!


Fresh Fruit! Strawberries, Grapes and Pineapple.

sweet endings

And the best for last! Turtle Brownies and Banna Spilt Cake.

.... Don't forget to check back tomorrow to get a peek inside what goes on during our Bunco Night! My blog has been so boring lately! I have a fun week ahead to kick things up alittle. Football, Drama, more food and old friends.


Kristi said...

You've made me hungry again ~ the Pioneer Woman better be shaking in her cowgirl boots...
I miss my Bunco group, we always had such a blast together!

mumma to many said...

Looks yum!
Sounds pretty normal to change minds that makes sense!
I only make easy!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Angela said...

Oooo, I adore food pics and I would love to have that tomato, moz, and basil salad right now. Yum!!