Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Princess is Born!

The last few days I have been knee deep in BABY! It has been a whirlwind. My sister started having contractions at her son's birthday party Sunday night but she kept on going. By Monday morning they had gotten a little stronger and 15 minutes a part so she decided to call the doctor. (good thing) At 10:00am she called us to let us know that after she had drove herself to the doctor they were wheeling her in the delivery room as she was in labor. Of course none of us were prepared for this but little Addy didn't care a bit, she was ready! By 12:30 little Addy Cate entered the world at 7 pds and 10 oz. Girl oh Girl, my niece is the cutest little princess on the block.

web 8
When we arrived we got our first peek through the nursery window.

web 10

web 11
With 3 toddlers and a handful of adults the waiting area was "Rocking"

web 13

Big Sis #1

web 18

Big Sis #2

web 17

Big Brother (aka the Gremlin)

Pawpaw decided to go and get the kiddos a treat while they were waiting. Red Icy, NOT the BEST CHOICE! (what was he thinking?)

web 21

web 20

web 25


web 34

web 26

web 29

Big Brother

web 3

Big Sis (love this shot!)

More Sweetness!
web 11

web 12

web 33

Everyone loving on the Princess!

web 27

web 28

web 30

One Proud Mama!

There is something about a new life that makes you stop and see "life" in a new perspective. Life is Gift! I am so blessed to have a wonderful family to share my life with.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome Baby A!

web 2

Have you ever seen such a beautiful face? Little A came into the world taking everyone by surprise by arriving 2 days early. She is the most beautiful little bundle of joy! Here are a few photos and there is more to come! much more!

web 3

Older brother was very exicted with her arrival as they now share the same Birthday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I heart faces! BLUE!

web 24a

This week at I heart faces the theme is Blue! I am sure you could go with this in many ways color, sadness or water... Well I picked color! Color is my second favorite element in photography (with first being faces) bright bold COLOR!!! So I picked this picture of my nephew to show just that, BLUE!! I love the bright blue against the red on the train car. Don't forget to go and check out the rest of the blue themes and maybe inter your own. Just click here!

Friday, September 25, 2009


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Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the Little things!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cinnamon Swirl!

With a large family (or even small in this time) groceries are just through the roof and with boys who drink a gallon of milk a DAY I try to find ways to make things go a little further. Have you notice the recent spike in bread! Yes, BREAD!! Well it is up to $2 plus for regular white but if you want to do the right thing and get the good stuff it is almost $3 a loaf. YIKES! I also prefer to pack my boys lunch as I am not a fan of the school lunches and they complain that after waiting in line it is just not enough time to eat and socialize. So I pulled out my trusty bread maker and have been making a loaf a day for about for about a 1/4 of the cost. Did I also mention it is full of goodness instead of air! Well my creative side is starting to peak as the traditional bread is just getting boring. I started thinking and have spiced things up a bit. ha ha get it spiced up.... hee hee.... OH boy!!! This bread ROCKS!!! The 3 times I have made it it has lasted about 5 minutes! It is that good! The best thing about this bread is it is simple to make! Throw flour, water, salt, sugar and yeast in the bread maker push and button and it does all the mixing and rising for you. Then just roll it out and spread a little butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon and roll! Not just any sugar, brown sugar! That is what makes it ooze with goodness! Put in a loaf pan and bake! That is it but don't tell daddio he thinks I worked hard on it. I hate to do this to you but just look how it turns out! YUMMO!!!

web 1

Getting Golden Brown!


See that is the ooze that I am speaking of! Yep, Brown Sugar I love you!

web 3

Allowing it to cool for 3 seconds or maybe just until I can grab the knife and butter.

web 5

Pepperidge Farm move right on over!
web 9

I don't think I have shared with you just how much I love this age (3)! Well I love it more than Chocolate!!!! My little princess just comes up with new things everyday and they either make my heart melt or I laugh until tears roll down my face. I know, I know you are thinking I have my mommy goggles on and you are absolutely correct!! But, if you heard what we hear come out of the little cuties mouth you would feel the same way. (even with no glasses on)

Arden isms!

1. "Why are you so rough at me?" when she hears a loud tone of discipline.
2. "Where are My Boys!" when I pick her up from Sunday School and the boys are talking with their friends instead of picking her up.
3. "I wish I could get in that bubble Momma!" we were blowing bubbles and her wheels were obviously turning.
4. " I wish I knew all the words to that song Momma!" She loves loves loves to sing!
5. " But my bed is so Boring!" when she is told to get in her own bed instead of crawling into ours.
6. " OH Bomber!" I think she means Oh bummer.
7. "Son of a Nutcracker" when things get messed up, thank you Elf for that one.
8. "What shoes are YOU wearing?" she loves to wear EXACTLY what I am wearing whether it be shoes, carrying a purse and hanging it on the hook in the laundry room and even make-up.
9. "Daddy do you have Moneys?" when David comes in from work EVERY TIME because she once ask why he had to go to work and he responded with "to make money" so now she takes his money every time he comes home and fills it in the change jar.
10. "You are a Good Mommy!" This is my MOST FAVORITE!!!!

Oh how I love this little Princess!! I feel blessed everyday to be her mom!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Check out:
Here is a hint!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bring On the Weekend!

This is the only way to describe my week!

2009 09 18_9972_edited-1

Yeah my NEW cell phone that I opted not to get insurance for!!! Certainly Me the MOM would not need the insurance! That is what happens when you slam the trunk door on your cell phone. urgh....

Looking forward to the weekend:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Visit From Old Friends!

This weekend we had a wonderful reunion with some friends that we lost touch with for awhile. It was a close friend of my mothers who she considered one of her very BFF! They hung out together, made hair bows together (see it is in my blood), coached cheering together and we even shared family vacations together. Her family and our family well they were FAMILY! After she moved away they lost contact and over the years my mom was always eager to find her and reconnect. After many attempts we were able to find her and here less than a year later she came down to visit. It was a wonderful day sharing old memories and talking about new ones. Watching my mom with here lost friend was such a blessing!

The Food!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9799_edited-1

Yummo Pasta salad! I am not normally a pasta salad kinda girl but this was so good! Maybe because it has pepperoni, mayo, peppers and tomatoes!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9800_edited-1

Okay and this, oh my it was just so stinking good. It was Cornbread Corn Casserole. You notice I said Was!!! My kids just devoured it.

2009 09 13_mimi house_9808_edited-1

Daddio was up all night smoking his famous Barbecue!!! No words...

2009 09 13_mimi house_9802_edited-1

and you cannot have Barbecue without Coleslaw, not just any Coleslaw Homemade Cole Slaw!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9809_edited-1

and you can't have barbecue and coleslaw without Baked Beans and these were not your typical baked beans. No sir, these were made with sausage, peppers and onions. Sweet like Suga!

web 20

Well Cabell certainly approved of the dessert. We caught her at the table helping herself with a knife. yikes... when we took that away she quickly found a spoon and continued eating.

web 10


2009 09 13_mimi house_9822_edited-1

These two were so much alike.

web 11

these 2 also! Daddio and Greg (my brother in-law)

web 12

Mom and Son

web 16

And another mom and son! (my sister and her oldest)

web 17

The Gang! What is scary the poor little doll in the picture was just 5 minutes shy of having blow darts from a blow gun shot at her. BoyZ!!

web 2

My Ben and his "friend" who happens to be a girl, who he happens to spend every waking moment texting.

web 19

Boys playing!

2009 09 13_mimi house_9811_edited-1

And my Sweet Baby Boy! Okay just having a "mom moment"!
Such a fun day!