Friday, August 7, 2009

A visit to China!

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Humm.... This doesn't look like China?

We have just returned from China! Okay not really, at least this is where my little princess thought we were. This week we met up (not hooked up, right Denise) with a some of our China Families (our adoption group) for a reunion. When we told the princess we were going to see her Chinese Sisters she replied "We are going to China?"
Unfortunately, the families that we traveled with are scattered all over the US and even abroad so everyone was not able to make it. It ended up being 4 families out of the 14. We meet up in Lancaster PA at a wonderful Inn (Hershey Farm Inn) and it was the perfect place for our group. There was just so much to do right there at the Inn, playground, gardens, walk trails, animals and a pool. We did venture off and did a few things around town like visiting Intercourse (hee hee the town that is), shopping, sharing meals and even Chocolate World. The most fun was hanging out a the hotel with everyone and watching the kids reunite with one another. We had a wonderful week and look forward to our next reunion!

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See we did visit Intercourse! Everyone could not help but giggle everytime we mention the town. I bet you are giggling too!

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Ben with his hands full! Little Emi Grace really took to Ben and The Princess was not liking it to much.

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Roger and the Princess shopping!

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My Fruit!

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This is what amazed me most. Here we live in a tech world and we are passing people in a horse and buggy. I love America!

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Then on to Chocolate World!

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What a bunch of Goof balls!

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I know this is not the "best photo" but this would be my Husband and son being a goober on the hershey ride through the factory. Now this is NOT a real "ride" it is only a little cart that moves that takes you through the tour for Young (infant, toddler) and old! Yeah now you see what I deal with!

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Back at the hotel to CRASH after a SUGAR HIGH from all the candy we ate.

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The Princess Hanging out in the pool with her friends. (sorry for the lack of friends in the picture but wanted to respect their privacy)

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Our favorite Fellow at the hotel, a famous land mark.

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