Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is that Time of Year!

No, I am not talking about "back to school" (yet)! I am talking about

2009 08 27_football_8746_edited-1

Last night was the boys first scrimmage game. They have been working so hard in the HOT HOT heat! I am not a huge football fan unless it is my boys playing!

2009 08 27_football_8735_edited-1

Those wonderful Leg Lifts!

2009 08 27_football_8740_edited-1

Rog getting ready! Actually he has been dressed and ready for a 6:00 game since 4:00 and it would have been earlier than that if he pants were dry. This boy loves some football!

2009 08 27_football_8750_edited-1

Love this picture of A-man and team mates. Look you can see Small, Med. and Large. hee hee

2009 08 27_football_8743_edited-1
Rog making a tackle!

2009 08 27_football_8738_edited-1
A-man on the field!
2009 08 27_football_8752_edited-1

The Princess doing everything but watching.

2009 08 27_football_8762_edited-1

This was the large creature that was waiting for us beside my car on the ground. YIKES!!! HUGE!!!! CREEPY!!! I hate spiders....

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