Sunday, August 9, 2009

Class of 2010

I was so very excited that my nephew trusted me to do his Senior Pictures and I was even more lucky to have a YUMMY location to do them and even got permission, which was a GOOD thing since the police stopped to ask what we were up too... yikes! But he was very friendly and when I explained I had permission he went on his merry way. Here are a few (okay maybe a little more than a few) of my favorites from the first shoot as we will be doing a few more this week. I was so very excited at how they turned out and well what can I say he is just a cutie!

_DSC0224_edited-1 copy

This was actually taken at the beach on our vacation.

web 32a

web 30a

web 26a

My FAV!!!!

web 23a

web 49

web 36

web 19a

Can't believe you are a Senior! I remember like it was yesterday you singing "I'm a big kid now!" everytime you went potty... sniff sniff.. We are very proud of you!!


candice said...

WOW!!! Ally, these are gorgeous shots! I love them all- you have a very photogenic nephew and a wonderful eye for capturing him!

I LOVE the new blog look- with the new header and picturs and extra wide layout. How did you get your page so wide? I love how big the pictures are too!

Cindy M said...

Fantastic shots and fantastic location! Ally, we should really pool our efforts one of these days and do destination photography! Wouldn't that be FUN?!

Kristi said...

Where were you when I had my senior pictures taken? (Besides the fact that you were in high school too...) What great shots!