Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

Well let's just say there is truth behind that saying.

So little Gremlin was playing in the water, doing a happy dance with his partner in crime "the little red cup"


When a HUGE wave (okay, I am spicing things up) took the gremlin down!


And the gremlin broke....


broke bad! but what is a gremlin to do?


Fight through the tears and show that wave HE Is A Gremlin! with the help of Uncle Daddio telling him to "get back out there, you are a big boy." (this picture was my fav of the whole week! just priceless)


And he "brought it!" tongue and all...


Then finished with a classic Gremlin Look at the stinky Aunt who documented every move he made! (maybe one day they will give me the credit I deserve...Maybe?)


Cindy M said...

Oh, I LOVED this post! I agree that your favorite is an awesome picture, but I think I might like that last one just a little more! He looks like a character! GREAT photos!

Lea said...

My love to the best AUNTIE in the world! You SO captured every angle of his TRIUMPH!

Our Journey said...

Ok -- your fav. picture is TOO funny -- the look on his face is priceless!! Cute pic's!