Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Full of B-Days!

This weekend we celebrated not 1 but 2 birthdays! On Saturday my Mom and Monday was Daddios! Every year we combine them both and head over to my sister's house to celebrate. It was a zoo as always but this time it was on a different level than normal crazy! Not really sure why? We even had a few less kids but the ones there really kicked things up! You know, now that I am writing about it, it could of been because it was raining out side and all the kids were inside. Yep that was it! As I stepped back to take some photos of cake time it was then it really became clear how the maze of activity was just spiraling out of control and from the look of my sister's face she was surely feeling it too. There was just pure "craziness" Swh... But I guess if things were calm and the kids behaved like angel's, it just would have not been the same. I love my crazy family and they make my life so much more interesting!! Wouldn't trade them for anything!
(Pardon the grain, light was very limited! I totally haven't mastered that yet)

web 14
Getting ready for Cake!

2009 07 26_6497_edited-2
We did things a little different this year, not the traditional cake and ice cream (because we are different like that) we had strawberry shortcake fluff and dirt cake! Both were YUMMO!!

web 13

My Dad! Boy he is ALWAYS so calm in the mist of the ZOO!!

Okay here is were things get CrAzY!!

web 15

Does this even bring any light to what was going down???

web 16

With only one shoe!

web 17

web 18

web 19

web 20
Happy Birthday Mom and Daddio!!! We love you!!!


Kristi said...

Reminds me of our family birthday celebrations, a little craziness and a whole lot of love!
By the way, I came pretty close to spitting out some of my morning coffee over the shot of Cabell drinking her juice on the potty!

Our Journey said...

Ok -- Ditto Kristi...my fav...Cabell on the potty w/ one shoe & drinking the juice box. Love it!