Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love for Macro

I absolutely LOVE photographing people! I love to capture peoples emotions and tell a story with that emotion through a photograph. But... my second favorite would be taking photographs of things that our human eye seems to miss. We buzz through life and miss the most amazing things that are right in front of us. That is one of the things that I love most about photography is how it has caused me to see people, insects, flowers and even something as simple as a rain drop with a different eye. Did you know that after a morning rain that each drop of water left on a leaf, branch or a blade of grass has a picture all of it's own? Really it does! This again is another "thumb print" from our God! His attention to even the smallest details just amazes me. He even thought to create a flower that one of the most beautiful insects can enjoy, a butterfly. I have witnessed and captured a dragonfly smiling back at me while hanging on to the end of a flower. It's fun to see what my camera and I come up with when I head outside with a macro lens and explore my backyard. Each time I am amazed at what I find!


After a morning Rain!

2009 06 15_rainy monday_4220_edited-1

This picture looks like a ballroom gown, do you see it?


A rain drop hanging on to the end of a leaf with a reflection of my front porch.

2009 06 15_4281_edited-1

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4936_edited-1
He is smiling at me!

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4912_edited-1

Ms. Butterfly!

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4843_edited-1

2009 06 15_4272_edited-1


Kristi said...

Love the butterfly and other insect (not sure exactly what the "smiling bug" was)! And your porch in the raindrop was pretty darn cool!
Now you've got me wanting a macro lens...

Catherine said...

These are just breath taking! I love macro photography, however, I'm not so good at it. You are just incredible with that camera!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Your macro shots are absolutely beautiful! Love the dragonfly shot. Ok, you have to tell me which macro lens you have. I've been planning on purchasing one, but just can't seem to make up my mind with so many to choose from. Any advice? Pros and cons of your macro lens? Thanks, Ally!