Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More at the Rivah!

If I ever had a large amount of money dumped in my lap having a place like this would be at the tip top of my list! From the moment we pulled and saw the view my stress from the daily grind melted away. It even made chasing a 3 year old around a walk in the park! There was no computers, video games and very little time on the tv and the kids never said "I am bored!"

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5787_edited-1

There was boat rides! (daddio and Greg riding off into the sunset together to fish)

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5817_edited-1

and they caught some nice ones!

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5860_edited-1

Boys playing on the dock

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5760_edited-1

Beautiful landscape, perfect for pictures

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5875_edited-1

view from the end of the pier looking up at the house!

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5783_edited-1

and incase you are in love and have to have one of these houses on the river you can purchase this one for only 1.8 million!

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4974_edited-1

there was crabbing the old style way, with rope, weight and a chicken neck!

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_5001_edited-1

Which the Gremlin Loved and was pretty hard core about getting the crab

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4992_edited-1

The Gremlin and his daddy (just love this father son picture)

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4995_edited-1

Rice's (nick name) way of crabbing lazy style

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4970_edited-1

The Princess even got in on the fun which made me a little crazy so when I wasn't holding her had she had to sit in the middle of the pier and as you can see this was ONE of the times she listened.

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4994_edited-1

And crabs they caught! we did have to throw back most of them as they were very small but in the end they ended up with 11 fairly large crabs which they cooked and ate very quickly. (I don't eat crab, I am allergic but that is okay not a fan of seafood)

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5878_edited-1

another view from the pier

2009 07 15_Rivah 2009 july_5068_edited-1

More new friends from the week

2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5654_edited-1

And another sunset! Don't miss tomorrow I will be finishing up the week with some pictures and videos from the boys on the water!


Kristi said...

I'm with you, if I had cash like that I'd have a place on the water somewhere! There is nothing like electronic free family time! We actually "forgot" the kids DVD player on purpose (despite the headache we knew it may cause on the flight) so that they couldn't ask for Dora while we were riding through Yellowstone.
Oh, and crabbing brings back many happy memories for me from my childhood! Yummo!

Domestically Sassy! said...

Those photos are Awesome!! Looks like a great time!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Fabulous photos! They make me want to own a house by the river. Love the photo of your little princess. She is as adorable as ever. Did you use a macro lens on your flower and dragonfly shots? They look great! Love the crabs photo, too. :)