Wednesday, July 1, 2009

London Bridges!

It has been 5 days since Ben left for England. He finally settled in and have a blast. Here are a few pictures he shared from his trip to London! (some are taken by Ben and some by his teachers)

The London Eye




Looking Down from the London Eye! Yikes...

england trip 2
Pictures taken from the top

england trip 1

I think this picture is pretty neat. I would love to say Ben took it but this was taken by his teachers.


Big Ben!


england trip 4

Group Photo


Our Journey said...

What an exciting trip! Awesome pictures. I hope he's having a great time!! I'm sure you'll be glad when he's back home, but it looks like fun.

Kristi said...

Oh that brings back some fun memories of my semester in London! Of course my time there was long before the "eye." Guess that means I need to go back...
I'm glad he's settled in and is enjoying himself now!

Sally's World said...

we have some pretty cool stuff here in London, I hope he's enjoying it, he picked a good time, best weather in over 12 years