Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll!

My sweet, smart and beautiful niece is always out numbered by boys when my family gets together as she is the only older girl in the bunch but she has learn how to "get away" when she is sick of the boys foolishness! 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5776_edited-1 This is where we could find her when the boys were in the pool, in the boat where it was nice and quiet. 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5777 copy Looks and Smarts! If she wasn't my niece I would probably just hate her. (just kidding) 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5778_edited-1 Just a Natural Beauty! Then came the wild Boyz and rained on her sunny day! Number 1 thing to do last week was tubing on the water. It was not only the boys favorite but my favorite sitting on the sidelines watching. It was totally entertaining! 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5586_edited-1 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5587_edited-1 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5590_edited-1 Sorry I had a really cool video to post but flickr is giving me a fit!!! URGh.... Never Mind I got it!!

2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5596_edited-1 I totally wasn't the mama who made her little girl get on for a ride. I would not ever do that even though I think she needed to and she was crying like crazy.
2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5615_edited-1 But she loved once she was moving... see I am not a bad Mama, right? 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5609_edited-1 Even pretty little Mae got on for a ride 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5625_edited-1 and she loved it too! 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5640_edited-1 What wonderful week and hated to see it go! Sweet Memories of Family, Fun and Laughter! Life isn't perfect around here but it sure is Close!!!!

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Kristi said...

I'm sure your niece hates the first picture of her, but it captures emotion so well! I think it is really cute!
Love your family time at the river and I'm having a hard time not being jealous...
By the way, I'm glad Arden decided that she liked riding with her daddy. Her expressions in the "I'm not happy" and the "Hey this is fun" shot tell more than words ever could!