Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday Weekend!

We started our celebration a little early, Thursday we spent the day at a State Park that had a Swim Lake. It was so not the beach but the kids had a lot fun.

cabell 1

Sweet Cabell

2009 07 02_Bear lake_4653_edited-1


Then Friday we were busy preparing for our 4th cookout at my sisters house. After baking a confetti cake and dirt cake Arden and I spent sometime on the deck enjoying the wonderful weather.

2009 07 03_ardens video to ben_4675_edited-1

Saturday we packed up and headed to Mimi's where we met at the pool. The pool had lots of fun activities for the kids.

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4692_edited-1

Dive for Money in the kiddie pool

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4695_edited-1

The Gremlin had a serious "game plan" and it paid off he won!

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4711_edited-1

Doesn't this look like the face of a Winner???

Then made our way back to her house to eat fresh crabs, goat cheese with crackers, steaks, potato casserole and a yummy salad! We had even made plans to head to a local firework display but after the long day at the pool the kids were pooped and adults too.

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4718_edited-1

Chef Daddio!

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4721_edited-1

Cooked them Just right!

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4754_edited-1

You can tell by the look on Max's face they were PERFECT!

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4756_edited-1

2009 07 04_july 4 2009_4730_edited-1

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th Weekend!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Wonderful photos! Especially the last one!

Kristi said...

Mmm, crabs for the 4th, now that's a tradition that I could get into!

Lea said...

Girl you are such an incredible photographer! I JUST LOVE seeing your pictures!!!
Have never eaten crabs before. Is it really that good?
I'm so happy yall had a wonderful time. The kids are growing up so fast!! egads! Beautiful family!!!

Our Journey said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT 4th weeekend! The lake looks like fun .. cute little turtle in the lake. I love the picture of your hubby w/ the crab .. and ohhhh I want to be invited to your house on the 4th if this is your kind of cook-out, cause it looks much better than grilled hot-dogs!! hee