Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool Location

Daddio is starting to find an interest in photography as well but most of all he is so supportive of my desire to expand my learning. It is really neat to share something we both like to do. When I upgraded my camera Daddio was the new owner of my older one. While we were out Monday, Daddio took me to a really cool place he found! I just loved it!!! I have 2 more Senior pictures that I am doing (close friend and my nephew) and this would be a great place to do some of their photos. The Princess was our model for the day and she was hamming it up. I have never seen her so into getting her picture taken. Now I am starting to think about it maybe because Daddy was there taking pictures too. Hmmmm.....

web 4

An old train car!

web 3

I just love the colors!

web 6

The princess was digging it too, for much different reasons.

web 2

What the heck! She never poses like this for me? This just cracks me up.

web 7

My favorite of the day.

web 9


Kristi said...

Hehehe, that little sassy stance with her hand on her hip may be telling of your future...
I love the one that you said was your favorite! I need to take my kids back to "Caboose Park" near VT and try out the train car there myself!

Sally's World said...

great shots,. and what perfect poses, such a cutie pie!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...


You should send one of these in for the July Photo Challenge at From China with Love: A Photo Blog. The theme is summer fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness, she is cute.righ And you are so right! Great place for a shoot!