Friday, July 31, 2009

My Sister In High Places!

It is good to have a sister in High Places. My younger sister owns a hair salon just for kids called Divas n Dude This place just rocks! What little one would not want to have their haircut there? And truly every little girls dream!!! Well this week was Diva Camp at the salon. We stopped in to take some photos for her website and checked out the Diva Camp while we were there. Here are a few pictures from the day and don't you know The Princess was all about the stage! It is funny Mae is having her Birthday party there in a few weeks and they only have 2 micro phones, should be interesting to see who is the stage hogs for the party. My guess Princess and Mae!

Look out Hannah!

2009 07 29_divas n dudes_6706_edited-1 2009 07 29_divas n dudes_6693_edited-1 2009 07 29_divas n dudes_6681_edited-1

Sorry for all the back ground noise!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool Location

Daddio is starting to find an interest in photography as well but most of all he is so supportive of my desire to expand my learning. It is really neat to share something we both like to do. When I upgraded my camera Daddio was the new owner of my older one. While we were out Monday, Daddio took me to a really cool place he found! I just loved it!!! I have 2 more Senior pictures that I am doing (close friend and my nephew) and this would be a great place to do some of their photos. The Princess was our model for the day and she was hamming it up. I have never seen her so into getting her picture taken. Now I am starting to think about it maybe because Daddy was there taking pictures too. Hmmmm.....

web 4

An old train car!

web 3

I just love the colors!

web 6

The princess was digging it too, for much different reasons.

web 2

What the heck! She never poses like this for me? This just cracks me up.

web 7

My favorite of the day.

web 9

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddios Special Day!

Monday was Daddio's official Birthday and it was off to a bad start:( (long story) but what do you do when life gives you lemons, yep, make lemonade and that is what we did. He took the day off! We did a few things that "had" to be done but we have put off forever, had lunch and then took a drive in the country. Then we headed home for a homemade dinner and Princess Cake! (Arden picked it out)

web 1

Princess Cake for Daddio!

web 12

The Princess stealing his wish.

web 11

Giving us the Loser sign! yeah who is the 36 year old man with the Pink Princess Cake? hee hee

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The W Family!

This past week I was so flattered to have one of my close friends ask me to take some pictures for her family! I was so nervous about it.... I have taken MANY pictures of my kiddos and family but never of someone else!!! So me and my trusty assistant (my son Rog) headed over to their beautiful home for a photo shoot! I had so much fun and they all made my job pretty darn easy! Just a fun and good looking family! Here are some of my favorites!!


Their oldest Daughter will be a Senior this year:

audrey sb

She even brought her BFF along, both were just so beautiful!

friends sb

Thank you! I had so much fun!
This weekend we celebrated not 1 but 2 birthdays! On Saturday my Mom and Monday was Daddios! Every year we combine them both and head over to my sister's house to celebrate. It was a zoo as always but this time it was on a different level than normal crazy! Not really sure why? We even had a few less kids but the ones there really kicked things up! You know, now that I am writing about it, it could of been because it was raining out side and all the kids were inside. Yep that was it! As I stepped back to take some photos of cake time it was then it really became clear how the maze of activity was just spiraling out of control and from the look of my sister's face she was surely feeling it too. There was just pure "craziness" Swh... But I guess if things were calm and the kids behaved like angel's, it just would have not been the same. I love my crazy family and they make my life so much more interesting!! Wouldn't trade them for anything!
(Pardon the grain, light was very limited! I totally haven't mastered that yet)

web 14
Getting ready for Cake!

2009 07 26_6497_edited-2
We did things a little different this year, not the traditional cake and ice cream (because we are different like that) we had strawberry shortcake fluff and dirt cake! Both were YUMMO!!

web 13

My Dad! Boy he is ALWAYS so calm in the mist of the ZOO!!

Okay here is were things get CrAzY!!

web 15

Does this even bring any light to what was going down???

web 16

With only one shoe!

web 17

web 18

web 19

web 20
Happy Birthday Mom and Daddio!!! We love you!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I heart faces, At the Beach


This week at I heart faces is At the Beach. As you can remember I have posted many, many, many pictures from the beach. The problem would be trying to pick just one to enter!!! I took this picture while sitting under the unbrella as Arden, Allie and Mae where playing in the sand. Tell me what kid at the beach doesn't love to cover up someone with sand? Mae was the lucky girl! Don't forget to head over to i heart faces and enter your own.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Found this from another site and it just made me laugh! Don't know who they are but they look like a lot of fun! Laughter is So Good!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PIF {Summer Splash} Contest

What does {Summer Splash} mean to me? Well it means at the end of a fun filled Summer day with my family and family sitting back and looking over the water and seeing one of these! It makes the most amazing Splashes I have ever seen!!!

2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5665_edited-1
Head on over to PIF Photo Blog and enter one own your own {summer splash} photos to have a chance to win a free large print or Gallery Wrap from CPQ Professional Lab! Just click HERE!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love for Macro

I absolutely LOVE photographing people! I love to capture peoples emotions and tell a story with that emotion through a photograph. But... my second favorite would be taking photographs of things that our human eye seems to miss. We buzz through life and miss the most amazing things that are right in front of us. That is one of the things that I love most about photography is how it has caused me to see people, insects, flowers and even something as simple as a rain drop with a different eye. Did you know that after a morning rain that each drop of water left on a leaf, branch or a blade of grass has a picture all of it's own? Really it does! This again is another "thumb print" from our God! His attention to even the smallest details just amazes me. He even thought to create a flower that one of the most beautiful insects can enjoy, a butterfly. I have witnessed and captured a dragonfly smiling back at me while hanging on to the end of a flower. It's fun to see what my camera and I come up with when I head outside with a macro lens and explore my backyard. Each time I am amazed at what I find!


After a morning Rain!

2009 06 15_rainy monday_4220_edited-1

This picture looks like a ballroom gown, do you see it?


A rain drop hanging on to the end of a leaf with a reflection of my front porch.

2009 06 15_4281_edited-1

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4936_edited-1
He is smiling at me!

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4912_edited-1

Ms. Butterfly!

2009 07 08_Butterfly and dragonfly_4843_edited-1

2009 06 15_4272_edited-1
My sweet, smart and beautiful niece is always out numbered by boys when my family gets together as she is the only older girl in the bunch but she has learn how to "get away" when she is sick of the boys foolishness! 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5776_edited-1 This is where we could find her when the boys were in the pool, in the boat where it was nice and quiet. 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5777 copy Looks and Smarts! If she wasn't my niece I would probably just hate her. (just kidding) 2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5778_edited-1 Just a Natural Beauty! Then came the wild Boyz and rained on her sunny day! Number 1 thing to do last week was tubing on the water. It was not only the boys favorite but my favorite sitting on the sidelines watching. It was totally entertaining! 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5586_edited-1 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5587_edited-1 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5590_edited-1 Sorry I had a really cool video to post but flickr is giving me a fit!!! URGh.... Never Mind I got it!!

2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5596_edited-1 I totally wasn't the mama who made her little girl get on for a ride. I would not ever do that even though I think she needed to and she was crying like crazy.
2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5615_edited-1 But she loved once she was moving... see I am not a bad Mama, right? 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5609_edited-1 Even pretty little Mae got on for a ride 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5625_edited-1 and she loved it too! 2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5640_edited-1 What wonderful week and hated to see it go! Sweet Memories of Family, Fun and Laughter! Life isn't perfect around here but it sure is Close!!!!
If I ever had a large amount of money dumped in my lap having a place like this would be at the tip top of my list! From the moment we pulled and saw the view my stress from the daily grind melted away. It even made chasing a 3 year old around a walk in the park! There was no computers, video games and very little time on the tv and the kids never said "I am bored!"

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5787_edited-1

There was boat rides! (daddio and Greg riding off into the sunset together to fish)

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5817_edited-1

and they caught some nice ones!

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5860_edited-1

Boys playing on the dock

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5760_edited-1

Beautiful landscape, perfect for pictures

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5875_edited-1

view from the end of the pier looking up at the house!

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5783_edited-1

and incase you are in love and have to have one of these houses on the river you can purchase this one for only 1.8 million!

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4974_edited-1

there was crabbing the old style way, with rope, weight and a chicken neck!

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_5001_edited-1

Which the Gremlin Loved and was pretty hard core about getting the crab

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4992_edited-1

The Gremlin and his daddy (just love this father son picture)

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4995_edited-1

Rice's (nick name) way of crabbing lazy style

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4970_edited-1

The Princess even got in on the fun which made me a little crazy so when I wasn't holding her had she had to sit in the middle of the pier and as you can see this was ONE of the times she listened.

2009 07 16_Rivah 2009 july_4994_edited-1

And crabs they caught! we did have to throw back most of them as they were very small but in the end they ended up with 11 fairly large crabs which they cooked and ate very quickly. (I don't eat crab, I am allergic but that is okay not a fan of seafood)

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5878_edited-1

another view from the pier

2009 07 15_Rivah 2009 july_5068_edited-1

More new friends from the week

2009 07 14_july 2009 rivah 2_5654_edited-1

And another sunset! Don't miss tomorrow I will be finishing up the week with some pictures and videos from the boys on the water!