Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend in All Directions!

This weekend I think everyone managed to go in opposite directions. Friday night was "the dance" and A-man stayed the night with a friend from school. Saturday just when I thought we would have a night all back together things went just a little WILD! First Daddio decided to go to the cabin and take Rog with him. Then my Mom called and she was on her way to pick A-man up to take him to her place at the bay. So that left Ben, Arden and myself when the phone rang and it was my sister calling me to tell me to come down and stay over while the boys were away at the cabin (it was her husbands mother in laws cabin so of course he went and even little gregory went too). So we threw some clothes in a bag and out the door we went too.

The Cabin Crew had a blast just hanging out and doing whatever it is they do while they are there. The following pictures are from Daddio!!!

2009 06 07_Boys trip to the cabin June 09_3814_edited-1

The Cabin! and Little Gregory! (this was his first night staying over night the boys, he was so excited. As you can see he did not have "mom" there to tell him he NEEDS to put on his shoes! Yikes.... they are in the wilderness.... No Shoes in the wilderness... NOT GOOD...

2009 06 07_Boys trip to the cabin June 09_3821_edited-1

Spring Cleaning on the deck. See that ledge more on that in a minute...

2009 06 07_Boys trip to the cabin June 09_3818_edited-1

Beautiful Waterfall that is over that ledge

2009 06 07_Boys trip to the cabin June 09_3820_edited-1

This was Mas pointing out the 6th Board Rule! They had a Rule that you could not go past the 6th Board as they were no railing.

2009 06 07_Boys trip to the cabin June 09_3815

And from the looks of this photo they did not follow that rule very well!!

Us on the other hand went out to dinner and hung out at the pool. Alot less dangereous alot of fun!

Cabell 4

Little Sweet Cabell from out Dinner Out! She just brings Sunshine to Any Day!!!


Sally's World said...

wow, that cabin looks amazing, my kids would love this x

Our Journey said...

Ally -- what a CUTE cabin! The drop does look a little scary though - but I'm sure it's such a fun place for the boys!