Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suit Shopping...

Ben's big 8th grade Semi-formal dance is coming up this weekend and he needed some "semi-formal" thing to wear. So we headed out after his ortho appointment in search for a suit that would not drain my bank account. We stopped in a local Men's suit store that was going out of business and they had slashed their prices to help get rid of their inventory. My budget (who am I kidding, I don't really know what that word means, it just sounds good for daddio) was $100 and I left spending $95! I saved $5, right? Are yall with me? Daddio thinks that is so funny when I explain that I bought something on sale and I saved $20. He says "No! You didn't save anything you spent something!" Such a buzz kill he can be! Well here is Ben's new get-up, I think he looks pretty darn good and from the way he is smiling he thinks he looks good too....

ben 6
He thinks he looks like "Men In Black"

ben 4

Now he is Really Playing the Part... He thinks the inside pocket is "sweet"

ben 5
There he goes again....

ben 3
I guess now he is thinking he is P-diddy...

After shopping we went out to lunch because Mr. Eating Machine was just so hungry after all the shopping. We went to his favorite place (and now the princess favorite too thanks to big brother introducing her to curly fries dipped in honey mustard ) Arby's! Whether he is in our home or in public the Boy can put away some food. I so wish I could eat like that and it not effect my waistline... URGH.... If he wasn't so darn cute I would smack him!

ben 2

He consumed large Diet Coke (he was watching his caloric intake)

One Bacon Roast Beef Sandwhich and 2 orders of curly fries, it is a good thing he went with that diet coke.


One day the Princess will just hate the day she was introduced to curly fries... They are just so good but still so bad....

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Denise said...

I just noticed the pierced ears, how did that go? I can't wait to see you all in August. Teenage boys and their ability to eat is something I really couldn't comprehend until David hit the teens. I will never forget the many trips to Wendy's for the Triple Burger combo with large fries. Crazy!