Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Boys!

If anyone know how little boys can be it is me. I LOVE my boys! There is something about a momma and her boys. But I also know they can turn into a gremlin in a skinny minute and my nephew G. Jr is no exception. He is one of the cutest little gremlins I know. (and I know a lot of gremlins) Well this week he behaved like any normal 4 year old little gremlin would behave but there was one day he really kicked it into high gear. Luckily for me I caught every move on camera... and pictures tell a much better story...


But he looks so Sweet... and he is


But then he did this!


and made Mae do this...


and this... she is looking for Momma and she will tell!


But he wasn't affraid.... just like a gremlin!


Then he snuck up on Aunt Coocoo


and was caught red handed... (really he had a red cup ha ha)


then came "OH NO, you better not!" and didn't even flinch...


and Oh Yes he Did! and tomorrow we will learn the moral to this story. Okay a little hint... what goes around comes around, even for a little cute gremlin!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

His grin in the shot that your sister is looking up at him is so mischievous! What a cute little stinker!