Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Middle School Dance

Last night Ben went to his Last Dance as a Middle Schooler. The theme was Hollywood. They were truly the "STARS" last night and My Ben was the Cutest one there! The dance was a semi-formal and all the kids looked so stunning. I was shocked at the length some of the girls went to with their beautiful dresses. Ben was so lucky that his Mom was picked to help chaperon the dance. He actually took it Much better than I thought he would but he did stay his distance. Being there brought back memories of my middle school days. Awhh.... to be young! The bonus to chaperoning was I was able to sneak a few pictures. The lighting was not that great (it was a dance, dim lights) but I got just what I needed to remember "these moments"! They grow too fast.....

8th Grade Dance June 2009

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