Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Day of Elementry

aman 3

Today A-man had his 5th grade graduation ceremony. It was a happy day but sad for Mama, her baby boy is going to Middle School. As I sat in the auditorium tears began to well up in my eyes thinking of my little man growing up. The next years of his life will be those that shape him into a young man and I pray that he will follow God's Plan for his Special Life ahead. During the ceremony Aman won a few Awards and then we finished the morning up and headed to lunch. We had a wonderful morning celebrating this chapter of his life.


** The star with Aaron's name on is painted on the front sidewalk at school. He got it for having a high Reading Points number (in other words reading lots of books)!


Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Graduation. Oh, it just goes so quickly. So very, very quickly, doesn't it? What a wonderful son you have! Thanks for your congratulations today. I was so surprised and very excited : ).

Sally's World said...

brilliant photos...where does the time go, my second eldest son leaves school today...sob in sept...i can't believe it!

Mocha Dad said...

I recently attended my son's preschool graduation. I thought it was silly, but I cherished the opportunity watch him transition into a new phase of life.