Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Sweet It is!

2009 06 12_4120_edited-1

She is truly the sunshine of our day! Her smile brings Joy to our Home! It is so Sweet to be loved by Our Little Princess.

arden 2

2009 06 10_flowers_3954 copy
I just LOVE this picture, right down to the little droplet of sweat on her nose!


Sally's World said...

adorable as ever!

candice said...

Wow- she is beautiful!
You have a way of capturing your kids so well!

I haven't been the greatest at commenting, but I read most of your posts- your photography is wonderful! Your daughter is super cute in every picture and also I especially liked the prom pictures you took awhile back- gorgeous!

Kristi said...

Nothing like the sunshine of a princess to brighten even the dreariest of days! I love those shots of Arden, I feel like I know her personality through them!