Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great Adventure


This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity! We have returned from vacation only to repack Ben's bags to head off to England. Yesterday Ben began a new adventure! We met up at his school and they took a bus from there to the airport. Then he boarded a plane for the first time (without his momma... sniff sniff) and was England bound! The smile on his face showed every bit of excitement he was feeling and the tears in my eyes showed what every momma would feel if their "little" boy/man would be leaving for another country. sniff sniff.... But I got the long awaited email/call that he was safe and sound. sniff sniff.... He did it without me holding his hand. sniff sniff.... Where has my little boy gone? sob sob...

_DSC0009 copy

Rog is gonna miss his big Brother!


A-man is going to enjoy sleeping in his bed!

mug shot

Daddio said to make sure we got some good pictures before he left incase we need them for the FBI! Ha Ha...

Momma is going to loose her mind and drive Daddio crazy! oh and notice my Goober son Rog peeking through...




On his way!!! Oh and he has already broken the first rule! I told him to sleep on the plane he will needed it with the time difference. When he called I asked, "Ben did you sleep on the plane?" Ben's response, "No way, they had movies Momma!" hee hee...

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Kristi said...

It's great that he got his money's worth out of the plane ticket to catch a few movies!
I'm sure it was hard to watch him leave, but what an exciting trip. I hope he brings back some great pictures that you can post to tell about his time in England!