Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday Daddio had to work so we decided to drive down and visit my mom and dad at their place on the Bay. My sister CooCoo and MiMi (and their crew) also joined in on the fun. I guess fun on our part, let's just say with all of us down at the same time things are a lot less than relaxing. hee hee ! I took lots of pictures and have so many stories to tell so I will be spreading them out over the next day or two.

First, I will start with sweet, cuddly, chunky, adorable Cabell.... She is my sister daughter, the one who is pregnant with number "6" and she was so good. Good that is when she had food in her hand. (who isn't) She sat up under the umbrella and ate and ate and ate... She is just so stinking cute right down to every little wrinkle in her chubby little legs. I wish the wrinkles in my legs were cute like hers but I guess this only applies to cutie babies. Darn it!

cabell 5

cabell 2

cabell 3

cabell 4

My favortie picture of the day. Just look at that face...

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gina said... the little hat!