Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Boat...

the boat

Mae (who is always drama x 100) found her boat from last year in a bag of sand toys that my mom had put up for the kids when they come down. Well when Mae saw this thing you would have thought she had found a diamond ring. Her eyes got big, her mouth was ooo and awhhh and she even brought it around to show everyone she had found this boat. As time passed she sat the boat down for a few seconds and Arden ran over and picked it up. When Mae saw that Arden took her precious boat the drama returned for a second round. Oh Girl!!! let's just say it was another entertaining show, but we were very happy to see this round was a short one.

mae 7

mae and arden

mae and arden 3
They were BFF in no time, but you see who got her boat! hee hee

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Our Journey said...

OK -- so somehow I missed the girly pictures the other day when I posted on the other post. I love the pictures of the girls - and I have to say - you're my hero - keeping big pink bows in her hair even in the water!! LOVE IT!