Monday, June 29, 2009

Awh.... Nothing says a Vacation like the Beach!

We had a wonderful week at the beach. The weather just perfect! No rain which is good for us beach bums but bad for those who like to shop. (only shopping at the beach is done during rainy weather) I took so many pictures and with 12 little critters (children, tweens and young men) there was plenty of action! Here is just a little peak at what went down at the beach!


There was Sea Shell Shopping!


Boys Surfing!


Girl Surfing! What a trooper Allie was she was the only (older) girl and she gave the boys a run for their money! Go Girl Power!!!! hee hee


We ate! Some more graceful than others!


Played in the sand!


Got our Tan on!


Some didn't have to work to hard... (I was so stinkin jealous)


Boys played lacrose while attracting every teenage girl within 10 miles...


Feed the Birds! Most of the time with Much Drama involved, more on that later....


Horseshoes in the sand.


Castles in the Sand!


Family pictures!


Last but not least! Watching the sunset! Awh...
More to Come!


Kristi said...

Oh wow, those are some great shots! You make me want to study my camera manual a little more...
What a beautiful group of kids too!

Cindy M said...

Really wonderful pictures, Ally! And a VERY impressive group shot! All of them smiling and looking forward?! Nothing really does say vacation like the true!