Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart Faces, just for fun!


This week at I heart faces the theme is wedding bells or just for fun. I choose just for fun, well mainly because I have no wedding pictures to share. I thought about searching the local paper and crashing a wedding just to have the guest judge Jasmine Star (who is amazing) to just look at one of my photos but I thought that may have been a little over the edge. So I took the safe route and entered just for fun! Since I was soaking up the sun on Father's Day and did not get to post about my dad so I picked the best dad in the world to post for this week. Don't forget to go HERE and check thing out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Boys!

If anyone know how little boys can be it is me. I LOVE my boys! There is something about a momma and her boys. But I also know they can turn into a gremlin in a skinny minute and my nephew G. Jr is no exception. He is one of the cutest little gremlins I know. (and I know a lot of gremlins) Well this week he behaved like any normal 4 year old little gremlin would behave but there was one day he really kicked it into high gear. Luckily for me I caught every move on camera... and pictures tell a much better story...


But he looks so Sweet... and he is


But then he did this!


and made Mae do this...


and this... she is looking for Momma and she will tell!


But he wasn't affraid.... just like a gremlin!


Then he snuck up on Aunt Coocoo


and was caught red handed... (really he had a red cup ha ha)


then came "OH NO, you better not!" and didn't even flinch...


and Oh Yes he Did! and tomorrow we will learn the moral to this story. Okay a little hint... what goes around comes around, even for a little cute gremlin!
We had a wonderful week at the beach. The weather just perfect! No rain which is good for us beach bums but bad for those who like to shop. (only shopping at the beach is done during rainy weather) I took so many pictures and with 12 little critters (children, tweens and young men) there was plenty of action! Here is just a little peak at what went down at the beach!


There was Sea Shell Shopping!


Boys Surfing!


Girl Surfing! What a trooper Allie was she was the only (older) girl and she gave the boys a run for their money! Go Girl Power!!!! hee hee


We ate! Some more graceful than others!


Played in the sand!


Got our Tan on!


Some didn't have to work to hard... (I was so stinkin jealous)


Boys played lacrose while attracting every teenage girl within 10 miles...


Feed the Birds! Most of the time with Much Drama involved, more on that later....


Horseshoes in the sand.


Castles in the Sand!


Family pictures!


Last but not least! Watching the sunset! Awh...
More to Come!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great Adventure


This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity! We have returned from vacation only to repack Ben's bags to head off to England. Yesterday Ben began a new adventure! We met up at his school and they took a bus from there to the airport. Then he boarded a plane for the first time (without his momma... sniff sniff) and was England bound! The smile on his face showed every bit of excitement he was feeling and the tears in my eyes showed what every momma would feel if their "little" boy/man would be leaving for another country. sniff sniff.... But I got the long awaited email/call that he was safe and sound. sniff sniff.... He did it without me holding his hand. sniff sniff.... Where has my little boy gone? sob sob...

_DSC0009 copy

Rog is gonna miss his big Brother!


A-man is going to enjoy sleeping in his bed!

mug shot

Daddio said to make sure we got some good pictures before he left incase we need them for the FBI! Ha Ha...

Momma is going to loose her mind and drive Daddio crazy! oh and notice my Goober son Rog peeking through...




On his way!!! Oh and he has already broken the first rule! I told him to sleep on the plane he will needed it with the time difference. When he called I asked, "Ben did you sleep on the plane?" Ben's response, "No way, they had movies Momma!" hee hee...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home!


We just returned home from a wonderful relaxing vacation... Awh.. Now back to the grind! I have TONS of pictures and will post them soon.

I also was greeted with a nice yahooo!!! I won 9th place in the adult I heart Faces boys theme!!! I was so very excited.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I heart faces, Boys!

This week at I heart faces the theme is boys! This one is going to be a lot of fun so don't forget to go and check out the entries, just click HERE!

Kid Entry: This is a picture of my nephew. If any there is any child in the world that best describes a boy you are looking at him. He loves anything outdoors, 4 wheeling, pretending like he is hunting or cowboys and Indians, and love to camp out with the boys! He is True Boy!!!!

gregory 3

Adult Entry: This is my nephew who is going to be a senior this year! It is so stinkin hard to believe he is grown and now is a man. I took this picture as he was returning home from work when I was visiting my sister's house. He is just so handsome!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Were Leaving On a Jet Plane...

2009 06 19_4512_edited-1

Okay, maybe not on a jet plane but we are headed To the Beach!!! For some hard core Fun!!! I would say rest and relaxation but when you go with 12 kids (8 adults, yep we are so out numbered) all in one place there will definitely not be alot of resting going on but... there will be a lot of Fun!!!! And in the words of my family
"To the BEACH!!!!"

***we will miss the P family this year :( it won't be the same*****

Monday, June 15, 2009

I heart Faces! Sepia

mae easter 8 copy

This week is Sepia tone at I heart faces. I took this picture of my niece Mae and thought it would look perfect with the sepia tone. It just feels so vintage! Don't for get to go and check out the other entries HERE.

Rog is my Middle son and he has one of those personalities that is so neat. He doesn't care what others think of him and if he has an idea, no matter how goofy it seems, he will do it. He loves creating videos some funny, some I just haven't gotten and some just out of the box. I love every little part of who he is! To give you some light into who he is here are some pics of him that he wanted me to do for his Facebook pics. And he did all the editing!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Sweet It is!

2009 06 12_4120_edited-1

She is truly the sunshine of our day! Her smile brings Joy to our Home! It is so Sweet to be loved by Our Little Princess.

arden 2

2009 06 10_flowers_3954 copy
I just LOVE this picture, right down to the little droplet of sweat on her nose!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Navy!

Ben has a teacher that he just clicks with. He is a rocker and really gets Ben's sarcastic humor. This year Ben wore a t-shirt that has Old Navy written in bright Yellow letters across the front and every time he wore it his teacher would say "why does it say Old Navy, why not New Navy?" So been thought up an idea for the last week of school and made a t-shirt and wore it to school just for his Science teacher. It was the biggest hit! He has been asked by the teacher and few others to make one for them. He is such a creative little dork!

New Navy
aman 3

Today A-man had his 5th grade graduation ceremony. It was a happy day but sad for Mama, her baby boy is going to Middle School. As I sat in the auditorium tears began to well up in my eyes thinking of my little man growing up. The next years of his life will be those that shape him into a young man and I pray that he will follow God's Plan for his Special Life ahead. During the ceremony Aman won a few Awards and then we finished the morning up and headed to lunch. We had a wonderful morning celebrating this chapter of his life.


** The star with Aaron's name on is painted on the front sidewalk at school. He got it for having a high Reading Points number (in other words reading lots of books)!
Today I came home from A-mans Graduation from 5th grade (post on that one as soon as I get pictures on the computer) and checked my email and to my surprise I found out one of my photos won a spot in the I Heart Faces Book!!!! This is a book that will have each of the winners photos in to be published. There was 2 categories Pro and Amateur (of course I won the amateur) but I just think this is so cool. Yahoooooo..... I am so excited!!! Here is the post of the entry photo. Just wanted to do a little Happy Dance..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Picture {this} Before and After!

we picture {this}

This my entry to the before and after theme at We Picture {this}! The first picture is straight out of the camera the second is done up with some Photoshop.

before 2

Nikon D60
Shutter Speed 1/250
Aperture f/4
ISO 200

Her is the same picture after some Photoshop Elements 7

arden 22