Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tree Rat!

I LOVE birds! I have even had a few as pets in my life. Now that I have kiddos I don't want the extra work that comes along with having them so I enjoy feeding, watching and photographing them instead. So we have many feeders and bird houses in our backyard which makes it very easy to see a variety of birds as they come to feed. They love the bird seed I leave out for them sunflower seeds, finch food and even hummingbird nectar. Not only does the birds love the food that we put out the tree rats (squirrels) love it too. I have bought every type of bird feeder that is suppose to keep the squirrels out of them and it NEVER works. Those little suckers can figure it out and it normally involves tearing up the feeder. As much as it ticks me off I still have a little love for them too. I guess I would call it a love/hate relationship. They just are so dang smart and cute in a kind of creepy way! I have a bucket of seed on my back deck that is sealed! SEALED!!! Not only did they figure out there was seed in the bucket but they also managed to get the bucket open. How? You ask. Well they chewed right through the plastic and popped the top right off and had a party. My poor little Daisy (dog) is going to loose her mind as they sit on the other side of our sliding glass door and tease her. It is so entertaining!!! Well finally I grabbed my camera and this is what poor little Daisy is dealing with.


Poor Daisy who is loosing her mind! Can't you tell?


Little Stinker! I told they are smart..

squirel 2

Munching Down!!

busted tree rat

A picture worth a 1000 words!!!


So crazy she just decided to sleep it off!

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Anonymous said...

that is so funny............
they chewed right through by the way charles has a way to keep them off your feeder i will tell you later