Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet Mondays!

This weekend Daddio and my boys lost something very valuable to them. Well, I guess lost is such a harsh word to use. Saturday evening Daddio was playing his normal buddies in COD4 Live(Call of Duty 4) and the crack box (aka: x-box) gave him the "red ring of death!" If anyone has a x-box out there, they know this is bad, real bad. Well after doing some investigating the verdict was to box up the system and send it in to be repaired. You would have thought they all lost their best friend. The all huddle around as Daddio packed in a box. You see this is why it is known as the "crack box" in our home and many homes around the world. All weekend my boys had nothing to do. I heard "mom, I am so bored" I know 50 times. Me on the other hand, I was as a happy as a lark! Just loving the peace and quiet! No sounds of guns, grenades and air strikes! The war zone is gone!!! until the darn thing is fixed, I am holding out for at least 3 weeks! (please oh, please!)

xbox 2

My other big news this weekend is my sister got a new addition to her family! It was the cutest little creature you have ever seen. She brought her down and introduced us all! We ooooed and awhhhed and my boys yelled "we want one too Mom!" and I replied "NOWAY!" Thanks Coo Coo for making me look like the "bad mom" who will not get the kids a new dog. Well here are some pictures of this cutie!


londyn 2

puppy and cabell

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Cindy M said...

HOLY PUPPY! That is the stinkin' cutest picture of a puppy I think I might have ever seen. I LOVE it! But I'm a sucker for puppies and babies...and I'm feelin' the itch for both.

Really great photo, Ally...